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Gas black, carbon black furnace black, channel black acetylene black





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Mainly used in rubber,painting, ink,NI-MH battery

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The main equipment of the production of printing ink

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 The main equipment of the production of printing ink

1, mixing equipment

The first step in the manufacture of ink in the formula is determined, thepigments, binders and additives such as quantitative said, into the mixer for mixing, complete wetting and preliminary dispersed processing. The mixer also known as inking machine, mixing machine, rely on the stirring rod rotation will adjust the solid and liquid components mix ink barrel together, form a paste, the completion of the preliminary dispersed processing. When in operation, the general first speed to slow a solid component, in order to prevent excessive dust,stirring after a period of time, the solid ingredients have been binders preliminarywetting, which can be replaced quickly, make the ink stirring more uniform.

A lot of mixing equipment types used in the printing industry, in addition toplanetary mixer used, and butterfly slurry mixer, more efficient high speed impeller mixer and biaxial mixer.

2, rolled ink device

Ink is removed from the mixer, is only the solid surface is preliminarily binders inwetting, dispersion and fineness of the particles so far do not meet the requirements, which further processing is to rely on the main equipment manufacturing ink roll ink three machine to complete the. Three roll ink machineis also called the three roll mill, is the production of printing ink, especially one of main dispersion equipment production paste ink is sticky. Slurry printing inkgeneral after 3 ~ 5 times of repeated rolling to pigment aggregates of large particles broken into small particles diameter of 10 ~ 15 μ m, and replace the surface adsorption of pigment particles with water or air and resin binders, the pigment particles uniformly dispersed in connection material

Ink mill works as follows: 3 steel roll of three roll rolling ink machine is hollow, so that cooling water to take away the heat generated rolled ink; roll surface afterquenching treatment, to increase its hardness. 3 roller speed is different, thefront roller speed of ink is the fastest, most slow after the roll, speed ratio is generally 1:3:9 (or 1:4:11), the fastest front roller speed in 400R / rain, 3 roller isarranged horizontally, but new to diagonal, the front roll position high, easy to operate, the distance between the ink mill roller can be adjusted.carbon black pigments

In rolling ink, the ink feeding ink barrel has been preliminary wetting between on the rear roller and roller in two baffles, because the two roller speed, ink strapshaped like a crack, coarse particles pass the narrow crevice, from the middle tothe ink flow at the top, to both sides, into the crevice region again go round and begin again, this cycle has mixed with strong shear, shear most strongly in thecrack occurs, part of fine ink roller is moved to the front, scraper, flow collector.

A rolled ink could not achieve the required fineness and dispersion, so the offset ink general repeated rolling grinding 3 ~ 5 times, can achieve less than 15 μ m fineness requirementscarbon black pigments

3, the kneading machine

Kneading machine is mainly composed of a tank and the two mixing bladerotation. Kneading machine is one of the commonly used ink scattered industryequipment, the main purpose of dry powder kneading and kneading squeezing water ink. The past pigment in the mixture before drying and crushing, spend a lot of energy, and pigment flying everywhere. Now for the organic pigment dearoily better often adopts the advanced extrusion method. Method of operation ispigment cake will not dry (wet) and binders oily together people of kneader,which is associated with the surface machine mechanical equipment similar, but the case closed, is connected to a vacuum pump, batch kneader squeezing water, water vapor condensation is removed after being taken out.carbon black pigments

Squeeze the water not only to save energy, improve the operating conditions,and the ink transparency, made of fineness and tinting strength are improved.For the inorganic pigment dear oily bad, in order to speed up the water squeezing process, often adding a small amount of surface active agent in kneading. In addition, pigment cake pH value on pigment squeezing water is difficult to play a role. Offset printing ink can be used to squeeze the water most of the processing technology.

Kneading machine in addition to squeeze water, colloid oil used in offset ink can also be produced in a kneader, but outside the sandwich to Walter hot oil, in order to improve the temperature kneading machine. A white pigment and carbon black if the kneading machine instead of planetary mixer, can achieve a better dispersion effect, printing ink factory called dry kneading.carbon black pigments

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